Content, pigment, charcoal, collage on jute, 25.59 x 18.89 inches, 2018

Female Face, charcoal, sumi ink, oil on paper, 12.24 x 8.66 inches, 2018

About the Artist

I began painting almost fifty years ago, continuously experimenting with new materials over the decades. Today, I prefer multiple media combined on the same canvas, endeavoring to achieve a visual and emotional harmony. I am fascinated with mineral pigments for their dense hues and collage for its unexpected textures.

About the Work

My subjects are people who live in a big city, which never stops moving. As a result they often get nervous and feel anxiety. So, many people want to have better communication with animals and nature. Also, they need to have some relaxation such as having a brief coffee break. People are crowded on the street, on a subway platform but they are usually unconnected, indifferent to others. I am trying to capture these fragments of big city scenes of modern society. I find there, sometimes poetry, sometimes cruelty, sometimes solitude.

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