TOY-TWILIGHT 2018, toy airplanes, projectors, CCD cameras, lights

About the Artist

Yosuke Ito is a Tokyo-based artist and international exhibitor working in the intermedia field, coupling low technology and high ideas. He was an artistic director of the international exchange project, Puddles, an artist-run platform including more than 15 organizations between Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Japan. From 2009 at M55 Art, Ito has developed his ideas into a visual narrative, using renewable materials powered by light, whose dispersal is transferred to the circular motion of propellers driven by solar cells. They suggest the far-reaching implications of current global environmental issues.

About the Work

TOY-TWILIGHT 2018 is a light show using multi projections, multi live-cameras, kinetic toy-airplanes moving by solar cells. The projections show the layers of the moving images, the shadows of parts and the surroundings.

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