SIREN V, inkjet on paper, 33 x 23 inches, 2019

SIREN II, inkjet on paper, 33 x 23 inches, 2019

About the Artist

Alexis Kuhr received her MFA in painting from Stanford University, and serves as Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. She has also taught at Mount Holyoke College, Vassar College and the University of Minnesota, and she is the recipient of fellowships from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the New England Foundation for the Arts. She is represented by Noho M55 Gallery in New York.

About the Work

By erecting and dismantling linear scaffolding in order to arrive at spaces that simultaneously advance and retreat, Kuhr has long infused her abstraction with a sense of disquieting spatial ambiguity. Still, Siren marks a dramatic departure from the contemplative and measured activity depicted in her earlier work. In this series of inkjet prints on paper, angular forms, discordant spaces, and dissonant colors create a palpable experience of instability and collapse resonant of current social, political and environmental conditions.

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