About the Artist

Juliet Martin has a BA in Visual Arts from Brown University and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. She has received recognition in venues including Unknown/Infinity in New York City (sponsored by Taiwan’s Chinese Information and Cultural Center), the European Media Art Festival in Berlin, the National Innovation Centre in Sydney, and SIGGRAPH. She was the director of the undergraduate Digital Design Department of Parsons School of Design and a professor in the Fine Arts Department at Pace University.

Juliet is certified in and practices SAORI weaving, a Japanese form of textile design. SAORI is the zen art of handweaving that is dedicated to free expression and self-development. She has displayed her award-winning fiber art in New York and the New York region.

Juliet applies her skills and techniques in weaving, painting, ceramics, and printmaking to fiber art, from sculptures to tapestries to mixed-media jewelry design. Her work brings together the sensuality of painting and printmaking with the textural explicitness of weaving and ceramics.

About the Work

Can you see me? You will when you see my work. I know you will. I’ll never be alone if my work is seen. That is why I am an artist.

I use a simpler style of weaving to create complexity. Balancing color, texture, and form, I weave aesthetically driven, satire-laced hangings. My visual statements offer the viewer common ground, finding relief in the humor. “I know how you feel; I can see you.”

Sardonic titles and statements reveal artistic intention. Free-form weaving encourages lighthearted abstraction through improvisation.

I never thought yarn could be this expressive. Simple and straightforward, more than just fiber. I know yarn and you know me.

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