Dear Prospective Member,

Noho M55 Gallery is a partnership of two of the oldest and most respected artist-led galleries in New York. Our guiding philosophy is to exhibit artworks of high quality in all media, diverse in style and content. Member artists are allowed the freedom to control their own destinies while benefiting from professional guidance from our combined 85-years experience. M55 Art (originally 55 Mercer Street Artists) was formed in 1969 at 55 Mercer Street and Noho Gallery (originally located just north of Houston Street) formed in 1975. In 2012 the two became partners at our current Chelsea location forming Noho M55 Gallery. On the first Wednesday of each month we review applications to choose additional artist members and artists for invitational exhibitions. Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Active Membership:

An active member is entitled to a solo show approximately every two years and group shows, usually two per year. Members take part in sitting for their own shows and take turns sitting for the group shows in which they participate. Each active member pays dues—currently $225 per month—and shares in the operation of the gallery by serving on a committee and by attending monthly meetings. Officers are elected from the membership once a year. Upon joining the gallery, active members pay an ownership fee of $500 plus the first month's dues. This totals $725.

Exhibiting in a professional New York gallery requires commitment and conscientiousness but offers valuable exposure in today's competitive art world. Many members have become successful in sales, critical reviews, and museum placement.

If you would like to join our gallery, please fill out this application and bring ten digital files or printed images, a fine arts resume, and three actual works which you consider representative.

Other support materials, such as a statement, catalogs, or copies of reviews are welcome. Bring everything to the gallery between 11:30 am and 5:30 pm the week of the first Wednesday of the month. The gallery is closed Sundays and Mondays. An email a few days in advance is appreciated:

Out-of-Town Membership:

Out-of-town members meet the above requirements and qualify for the same benefits as active members, but are exempt from attendance at meetings and serving on a committee. Their dues are $275 per month. 

Invitational Exhibitions:

The invited artist (or group) is/are entitled to a solo exhibition on a one-time basis. Scheduling is as space permits after members’ shows are scheduled. The cost is equivalent to that of active membership, but is paid in two installments rather than monthly. No meeting attendance or committee work is required. Application requirements are the same as above but no actual works are necessary.

Joint Membership: Two artists joining as one.