Sunday 42"x26" Charcoal on paper

Friday 42"x26" Charcoal on paper

About the Artist

My family moved us from Philadelphia to Brooklyn in my early teens. Manhattan in those days was the Brooklyn of today and as in the Rodgers and Hart song ‘I’ll Take Manhattan’ there was never a question of not taking it. After discovering and then graduating from Cooper Union I found work in the garment industry as a textile artist but gave it up to follow my passion for Spanish dance and a fortuitous opportunity to join the company Ballet Español Ximenez~Vargas. 

After a few years on the road, my adventurous involvement with dance came to an end and I returned to Manhattan to pick up my brushes and paints. Over time, while continuing to paint and draw, a multi-faceted career in design developed and among other things initiated a simultaneous career in teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Department of Textile/Surface Design where I continue to teach Painting on Fabric.

About the Work

My experiences interest me. I like to shake out and examine traces and vestiges of memory using ordinary means i.e. color, line and image together with abstraction for its fund of disordered information and possibility. That ‘curvy’ struggle is in contrast to the flatness of paper and cloth. For me, it is an enriching scramble of perceptions and illusive feelings that tease and present me with an endless game of hide-and-seek.

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