Triple Nude (triptych) 48"x96" acrylic on board

About the Artist

Guy Phillips was born in 1936 in Sydney, Australia. He worked in advertising in Sydney, then Toronto, Canada for four years, and spent time in New York. In his mid-thirties he left a management position in a large international advertising agency to become an artist. He lived in Italy and then London for four years at the end of the “swinging sixties”. He studied part time and gained a one-man show, successfully exhibiting a series “Man in a Chair”. Returning to Sydney, he had two one-man shows before relocating to Connecticut in 1981, where he currently resides. He exhibits his work and sells to private collectors.

About the Work

The figure has been my central interest with many variations: solitary figures, multi figures with an emphasis on movement, hard edge figures, figures defined by geometric shapes, and cutout figures on grids or suspended by strings. I have recently produced tall narrow vertical cutout figures framed in plywood. In addition to the figure, I have worked on cutout bridges and trees, and recently on windmills.

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