Circle Painting with Lighted Triangle, 2013

Green, acrylic on canvas with illumination, 36 x 20 inches, 2013

About the Artist

I began painting in France and my work still reveals a French influence. Cezanne was my first teacher. I continued painting when I returned to the United States: in Ohio, Philadelphia, and New Mexico, where I lived and taught on the Cochiti and Isleta Reservations. Different milieus and ways of life contributed to my development

About the Work

My paintings convey a myriad of my experiences. Monica Tarantino’s poems always provoke ideas. An unexpected source of images and titles for paintings is my work as an art therapist at the 80th Street Residence for the Memory Impaired on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I enjoy Gertrude Stein-like conversations with the residents. When I praised Cynthia’s drawing she said to me, “There are down feathers inside this train. The train is barreling down!”

In my recent work, I’ve collaborated with Robin Russell to incorporate fluorescent and LED lighting.

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