Joyce Silver

               Air 48"x72" oil on canvas

Ruin 36"x60" oil on canvas

About the Artist

Joyce Silver is a graduate of Cooper Union and holds a BFA from the University of New Mexico. After spending over a year in Barcelona, Spain, she spent the next fifteen years in New York painting and working part time as a textile designer. Fifteen years later, she became a psychotherapist, subsequently earning a LCSW degree from Yeshiva University. Ten years ago, she reduced the hours of her private practice and returned to her first love - art.

About the Work

My work, utilizing various subject matter, exists on the border between realism and abstraction, where things are not always what they seem. Strong color and bold design force their way into awareness, playing with distortions of space and form. I'm inspired by ideas that seem to come "out of the blue". Once I get an idea it grabs hold of me, my mind sparks variations on the idea so I often work in series. I like to work with collage because of the spontaneity and freedom it provides. What the work looks like when it's finished is a surprise to me because I can't remember making the decisions that created it. My hand seemed to move on it's own. The pleasure of the surprise is a big part of why I make art. 

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