Garden 68"x35' oil and graphite on linen

Fence 70"x35' oil and graphite on linen

About the Artist

Anthea Berg Zito was raised in the suburbs of New York. After she earned her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Maryland and postgraduate credits from George Washington University she pursued a career in Publishing.  Later, she attended The Art Students League of New York and earned an MFA in Painting from William Paterson University. She has been in many juried national exhibitions and international online exhibitions and has won many awards. 

About the Work

The artist contemplates  suburban spaces animated by wildlife and creates open narratives of unexpected creaturely semblances among familiar structures. Methods are drawn from lived sensorial experiences and perceptions to create the transmission of affect. Chance techniques using a loaded brush, tachiste marks, and rough-hewn materials co-exist with the more formal geometry, color field, and romantic tonalism. The artist questions perception by skewing the uncanny with the enchanting.


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